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Many times in the past (especially just after renewal season), I have received calls from my clients asking for copies of their licenses because an investor had asked for it.  Most states have stopped sending out paper licenses.

If an investor needs proof that you are licensed in a particular state, you can either send that person to the NMLS Consumer Access database, at or you can go to your own company record in the NMLS, click on Composite View, click on View Company, (or Branch if a branch license is needed), click on View License/Registration list (on left side of screen) and then print out the list.  You can do the same with any loan originator.  For some states, this is the only record they will have for you; many states do not send out paper licenses or keep a database on their state agency website.

This is the new normal.


Don’t Forget to Renew Your Branch Licenses

One of my clients has several branches, some of which are doing great and others that are not doing so well.  I’ve already been on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) to renew the company license and I’ve asked the owners whether they want to renew all of the branches or just some of the branches.  At this point, I still don’t have an answer and there are only about 3 weeks left in the renewal season.

The NMLS provides for a system where you can renew all of your licenses in one fell swoop or you can renew at different times, depending on your circumstances.  Maybe your cash flow doesn’t allow a big hit at the beginning of November for the renewal fees or your credit card limit is being exceeded by all of the fees.  It’s not uncommon for companies to renew the license for the company first and to deal with the branch offices and loan originators later.

But with a looming expiration of December 31st on all licenses, you must take the necessary steps to renew whichever branch licenses you intend to keep.  Some states have treat branch offices the same as the company in terms of licensing requirements (branch office manager industry experience, surety bond requirements) so you must ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted to the licensing agency as soon as possible. 

And don’t forget that some states are not processing company and branch license renewals through the NMLS.  You may need to check the website of any state that has not transitioned to the NMLS for their branch office renewal requirements.